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Daan Spijer is an award-winning photographer who has been looking at the world through a lens for almost 50 years. He has dabbled in press and commercial photography, but prefers to remain the amateur ('lover'). He here offers some of his views of the world.

Framed photos: 8" x 12" archive-quality prints, framed behind glass. For sale at AU$165 each plus packing and postage within Australia - overseas will be sent without frame at AU$110 each plus packing and postage.

  Waterlilly in Pond: close-up of white waterlily with yellow centre with one complete pale green leaf below and parts of other leaves to left and top, as well as stems visible through the water.    Date palm trunk: close-up of trunk of date palm showing texture, blue and green colour variations, with a diagonal split from top left to bottom right.    Leaf in flowing water: long gum leaf on twig with gumtree flower buds, ripples on water flowing over it and some reflection of sky.    Lily pond: photographed from above, showing one white lily with yellow centre, numerous pale green leaves, stalks under the water and faintly the gravel bottom, with a spray of reeds in the lower sixth of the photo.    Gumtree Flowers at Inverloch #1: large red flowers surrounded by gum leaves with dappled sunlight playing on the flowers and leaves.    Close-up of white lily showing purple stamens and a red-tipped pistel.    Close-up of flower with thick pink-tinged petals arranged vertically, forming a spiral arrangement.

    Full moon in clouds behind tree: large leafy tree in silhouette against cloods lit by full moon behind them.    Sunset from Frankston Beach in May 2005 showing sun sinking below horizon, bright orange sky with some cloud, reflected in an almost smooth sea with two flying birds in silhouette and reflected in the water.    Rosebud Pier on Port Philip: looking along under the pier between two pilons with aother two pilons in the distance; sun playing on the water creating light and shade.    Mentone Beach , Melbourne, with Mordialloc Pier in the middle distance in front of the Frankston seen in the distance.    Sunset off Mt Eliza, Melbourne: showing an orange and grey sky and the partly hidden sun reflected off the rippling water.

Wooden water screw feeder: lying horizontally with a height of about two meters, taken at the open air museum in Gelderland, the Netherlands. The colour of the wood is grey.    Wattle and daub wall: blue daub wall with rectangular hole in the centre through which the woven wattle framework is visible.

Close-up of the head and chest of a whistling kite.  The bird is looking almost straight at the camera.  Its fluffy head and chest feathers are fawn and black and its long, curved beak is grey.    Glossy green beetle with two orange and four black markings, sitting on the green, purple-fringed seed pod of a plant.  The overall tone of the photo is green with purple highlights.    A white cat with fawn markings resting on the back of a chair and contemplating the camera.


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