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Framed photos: 8" x 12" archive-quality prints, framed behind glass. For sale at AU$165 each plus packing and postage within Australia - overseas will be sent without frame at AU$110 each plus packing and postage.


Rosebud Pier on Port Philip: looking along under the pier between two pilons with aother two pilons in the distance; sun playing on the water creating light and shade. Rosebud Pier        Sunset off Mt Eliza, Melbourne: showing an orange and grey sky and the partly hidden sun reflected off the rippling water. Sunset - Mt Eliza     Full moon in clouds behind tree: large leafy tree in silhouette against cloods lit by full moon behind them. Moon in Tree

Sunset from Frankston Beach in May 2005 showing sun sinking below horizon, bright orange sky with some cloud, reflected in an almost smooth sea with two flying birds in silhouette and reflected in the water.   Sunset - Frankston     Mentone Beach , Melbourne, with Mordialloc Pier in the middle distance in front of the Frankston seen in the distance. Mentone Beach



[Updated 26 July 2015]