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Writing Services

We offer a number of services, with expertise in:

Medical and Technical Writing

We have decades' of experience in writing and editing for medical and technical journals and other publications. We can write articles based on your research or help you write these yourself. We can also produce technical drawings and illustrations.

Editing and Proof-Reading

Daan Spijer published a quarterly journal in the 1980s, for more than three years. For more than twelve years he was the Assistant Editor of the ACNEM Journal, a peer reviewed medical journal; for the last five of those years he was acting editor. We are able to read what you have written and check it for spelling, grammar and readability and advise you on corrections and changes which will enhance your message. We can do this without the writing losing your unique style.


Making your written work more accessible to the reader can be done through thoughtful indexing. A good index helps the reader quickly find what s/he is looking for and makes it more likely that your work will reach others.

Ghost Writing

You may have seen books which have an author's name, below which is the phrase, "with John Doe", or some other name. THis indicates that the material for the book came from the named author, but the book was written by John Doe on the author's behalf. Do you have a story to tell, but do not know how to express it in a manner that will appeal to others? Daan has been ghost writing for other 'authors' for many years and can do this in a way that finished work has the unique 'voice' of the 'author'.

[Updated 7 July 2017]