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Guided Imagery

As part of his therapy work and teaching, Daan Spijer developed and recorded a number of guided imagery relaxation sessions. These are available on CD and may be purchased directly from Daan.

These guided imageries are designed to help you relax and for healing to take place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are three titles:

Pricing and Purchase

Each of the above is available on a CD.

Price per CD is AU$20 plus postage; price for a set of 3 CDs is AU$50 plus postage.

Postage: within Australia: AU$3 (for 1-3 CDs); outside Australia: AU$6 (for 1-3 CDs) (airmail).

To order: email, write or phone (details on home page), with payment by Australian cheque or money order, or by international bank draft payable on an Australian bank.

[Updated 7 July 2017]