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Framed photos: 8" x 12" archive-quality prints, framed behind glass. For sale at AU$165 each plus packing and postage within Australia - overseas will be sent without frame at AU$110 each plus packing and postage.


Waterlilly in Pond: close-up of white waterlily with yellow centre with one complete pale green leaf below and parts of other leaves to left and top, as well as stems visible through the water. Water lily in pond        Leaf in flowing water: long gum leaf on twig with gumtree flower buds, ripples on water flowing over it and some reflection of sky. Gum leaf in stream     Lily pond with one white, yellow-centred lily and many green leaves floatingon surface, with pebbled bottom of pond visible and rushes at the lower end. Lily pond

Date palm trunk: close-up of trunk of date palm showing texture, blue and green colour variations, with a diagonal split from top left to bottom right.   Trunk of date palm     Large, bright red flowers of gum tree, surrounded by long green leaves with sun shining through them. Gum flowers - Inverloch     Close-up of white lily showing purple stamens and a red-tipped pistel. Lily

Close-up of flower with thick pink-tinged petals arranged vertically, forming a spiral arrangement. Succulant Flower



[Updated 26 July 2015]