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Framed photos: 8" x 12" archive-quality prints, framed behind glass. For sale at AU$165 each plus packing and postage within Australia - overseas will be sent without frame at AU$110 each plus packing and postage.


Close-up of the head and chest of a whistling kite.  The bird is looking almost straight at the camera.  Its fluffy head and chest feathers are fawn and black and its long, curved beak is grey. Whistling Kite         Glossy green beetle with two orange and four black markings, sitting on the green, purple-fringed seed pod of a plant.  The overall tone of the photo is green with purple highlights. Shiled Bug        A white cat with fawn markings resting on the back of a chair and contemplating the camera.Greek Island Cat   



[Updated 26 July 2015]