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Ideas are a pleasure to explore,
but until they are brought to life and into the world, they are a private, unshared pleasure.
The sharing of these pleasures enriches lives.

mediation - creative writing - photography - technical writing - indexing -
proofreading - editing - ghost writing - tutoring

Waterlilly in Pond: close-up of white waterlily with yellow centre with one complete pale green leaf below and parts of other leaves to left and top, as well as stems visible through the water.
Wattle and daub wall: blue daub wall with rectangular hole in the centre through which the woven wattle framework is visible.
Date palm trunk: close-up of trunk of date palm showing texture, blue and green colour variations, with a diagonal split from top left to bottom right.
Rosebud Pier on Port Philip: looking along under the pier between two pilons with aother two pilons in the distance; sun playing on the water creating light and shade.

Seventh House Communications is a business run by Daan Spijer of Melbourne, Australia. Daan is a lawyer and mediator, as well as a multi-award-winning writer, editor, proofreader, ghostwriter and award-winning photographer.


Creative Writing A selection of Daan's essays, short stories, plays and poems.

Blog and Book Reviews by Daan Spijer at Thinking Allowed

Writing Services Offering editing, proofreading, technical writing, science writing, ghost writing, mentoring, indexing and other assistance to those with something to communicate.

Tutoring Daan Spijer offers tutoring at high school / VCE level for English, SOSE and Legal Studies.

Business Consultancy Daan is available as a consultant to businesses and community organisations, with expertise in management, planning, human resources and stress management.

Photos for Sale Framed photos: 8" x 12" archive-quality prints, framed behind glass. For sale at AU$165 each plus packing and postage within Australia - overseas will be sent without frame at AU$110 each plus packing and postage.

Links Other sites related to writing, photography, ideas and some of general interest.

  Full moon in clouds behind tree: large leafy tree in silhouette against cloods lit by full moon behind them.  Leaf in flowing water: long gum leaf on twig with gumtree flower buds, ripples on water flowing over it and some reflection of sky.  Sunset from Frankston Beach in May 2005 showing sun sinking below horizon, bright orange sky with some cloud, reflected in an almost smooth sea with two flying birds in silhouette and reflected in the water.  Writing is a secret pleasure indulged in by dreamers and visionaries.

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