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In order to become who I am I must leave who I am not. But I am so attached to who I am not, that the leaving off it I fear more than the becoming. So, as I leave who I am not, I grieve. I forget to rejoice in the becoming who I am.

I also confuse who I am not with who I am, thinking the former is the latter. Thus, I delude myself. I can know in which direction I travel between who I am and who I am not, by the aliveness, or lack of it, which I experience, and the clarity with which I know myself and my universe.

Being who I am is a state; being who I am not is an activity. Thus it takes effort to not be and none to be. In the being, all energy is available to me and this is love, pure and simple and powerful. In the activity of being who I am not, I deny this love and wear myself out in the process.

In the state of being, I am love and I am you. The three — I, love and you — are one.